The Bache Loftt series

The Bache Loftt Series

True leadership is a gift few possess. Bache Loftt is one of those few.

Follow the making of a legend, from an aspiring young achiever to the upper echelons of Galactic Naval Command.

The Bache Loftt Series – terrific space opera and outlandish adventure from within the cosmic expanse of the Milky Way.


Bache Loftt wants nothing more than to follow in his father’s footsteps and be an engineering officer on one of the galaxy’s most powerful, state of the art starships.

Then he witnesses a double murder...


Galactic navy recruit, Bache Loftt is on his final exercise after two years of study at the galaxy’s Naval Officer Training Academy.

Then his routine end of course starship flight becomes a fight for survival...


Bache is sent to answer a distress call from a small freighter close to a planet in a distant corner of the galaxy. Not all is as it first seems.